7 Reasons You Should Attend The Innovate Elevate Youth Conference

The mere thought of attending a conference is one that many young people cringe at today as they believe there are many ways of learning and sharing ideas such as blogs, podcasts and videos online. Well Higherlife Foundation is changing that!

Through the Innovate, Elevate Youth Conference, we at Higherlife Foundation plan to get youths believing in conferences again! With a gauranteed never seen before conference experience, the Innovate Elevate Youth Conference will mark the beginning of a new conferencing era in Zimbabwe. Here are 7 reasons why you should attend the Innovate Elevate Youth Conference:

Invest In Yourself

The Innovate Elevate Youth Conference is a  great opportunity to kick start your personal development journey. With a varied program that includes engaging roundtable discussions, energizing spark sessions, jaw dropping presentations and insightful TED style talks, the Innovate Elevate Youth Conference will set you on the right track to continous personal growth.

Sharpen your prespective

Habit number 7 of highly effective people from the book ‘The 7 habits of highly effective people’ by Stephen Covey, encourages aspiring effective people to converse with others who have done it before as a way of sharpening their own understanding of the world. At the Innovate Elevate Youth Conference, attendees will not only enjoy a varied program but have many industry experts who will impart new ideas and approaches to being more effective at their chosen careers. Key differentiating skills will be imparted at this conference that will allow one to be a great 21st century leader.

Meet amazing experts & influencers face to face

The Innovate Elevate Youth Conference, will feature amazing industry thought leaders, experts and game changers such as Uzo Iweala, Takunda Chingonzoh, Ruvehenko Parirenyatwa, Elizabeth Tanya Masiyiwa and Douglas Mboweni to name just a few all under one roof. Attendees will get the opportunity to interact with all these leading voices and get insights into their success stories. One can even get the chance to share their business idea with their role model or make a connection that can lead to finding their next mentor or even get a selfie with their idol.

Learn new tips & tactics

In line with meeting experts, attendees of the Innovate Elevate Youth Conference will also get the opportunity to learn new tactics and approaches that can enhance their personal brands and businesses. Discussions will be centred on challenging the attendees to come up with new ideas to better their careers and their communities. The content shared by the speakers will allow attendees to gain new perspectives on how to approach their own businesses and ideas.

The Serendipity of the Random Workshop

The Innovate Elevate Youth Conference will also feature some of the best workshops and presentations from Africa’s leading business minds. These workshops will expand your horizons and through relevant topics that will change your approach to different areas of your life. No workshop will leave you without a takeaway as there is something for everyone to be informed and inspired. That is the lovely serendipity of a conference workshop.

The Energy of Like-Minded Individuals

Young people love to connect with like-minded people who can add value to their lives. Nothing beats meeting other people who also want to better themselves! The Innovate Elevate Youth Conference attracts potential and existing young African entrepreneurs, young community leaders and influencers, young African educators, informed digital Influencers (African bloggers), community advocates, young innovators, young African professionals and dynamic thought leaders. The energy of such dynamic young minds is definitely one not to miss!

Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

For many people meeting new people at live events and conferences can be a challenge. Attending a conference will allow one to get rid of this fear and enjoy the great opportunities of connecting with other individuals. Breaking out of our comfort zones allows one to approach things differently and to see things differently. The Innovate Elevate Youth Conference will allow one to step out of their comfort zones through its amazing program that has something for everyone.

Convinced? Then visit: www.ieyconference.com today and register to be a part of an amazing conference.